Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

Network: Sparrow/MSU Family Medicine Residency Program

Robin H. DeMuth, MD, has primary responsibilities in teaching clinical skills at the medical student level. She also has clinical responsibilities and participates in scholarly activities and special assignments. She earned her BA at Rice University in Texas and received her MD from the MSU College of Human Medicine in 2004. She is a 2007 graduate of the Sparrow/MSU Family Medicine Residency Program in Lansing, where she followed the obstetrics track with an academic focus. She maintains an out-patient practice, rounds on hospital patients with the family medicine residents, and performs obstetric and newborn care.


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  • March 2015: DeMuth R, Phillips JP. Evaluating DifflnE as an assessment tool for diagnostic reasoning. MSU Dept of Family Medicine, East Lansing, MI.
  • January 2015: DeMuth R, Phillips JP, Wagner D, Henry R. (Poster) Evaluation of the DifflnE tool's utility in evaluation of medical student diagnostic reasoning skills. STFM Conference on Medical Student Education, Atlanta, GA,.
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  • 2011–Present: Advisor, FAMS – Families Attending Medical School
  • 2011–Present: Advisor, Med Flag
  • 2011–Present: CHM, Curriculum Advisory Group.

Academic Interests

  • Obstetrics
  • Medical Education
  • Clinical Skills Education
  • Patient-centered Communication Education
  • Health Record Writing Education
  • Educational Assessment
Associate Professor; Chair, Sparrow Department of Family Medicine
Sparrow Department of Family Medicine
P: 517-884-0430
788 Service Rd., #B123
East Lansing, MI 48824