Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

The Guppy Tank is a group of department faculty members who have volunteered to conduct reviews of faculty scholarly work. The name “Guppy Tank” – as opposed to “Shark Tank” – refers to a culture of gentle, constructive feedback. The purpose of the Guppy Tank is to provide support and guidance for department faculty in developing and enhancing their research and scholarship skills. Submission of work to the Guppy Tank is voluntary but strongly encouraged, especially for grant proposals.

Guppy Tank reviewers provide feedback on any scholarly work, including abstract submissions to conferences, scientific manuscripts, grant proposal ideas, specific aims/grant proposals, summary statements from submitted grant proposals, Powerpoint presentations of scholarly work, data analyses, etc. Reviewers are currently members of the Research Subcommittee, but additional faculty wishing to serve as reviewers are welcome to participate. The Guppy Tank is also a forum to help faculty hone their skills as reviewers.

Here are the steps to get your research or scholarships reviewed:

  • Faculty may send requests for reviews at any time to our research administrator, Jennifer Rice, who will then identify 2 reviewers.
  • Reviewers will conduct double-blind reviews independently and return reviews to Deb, who will distribute them back to the faculty member. Reviews will be conducted and returned to the faculty member within 2 weeks.
  • Reviews will be conducted using a standardized template developed by the Research Subcommittee.