Divisions & Programs

Departmental Divisions and Programs


The Academic Affairs Division


The Academic Division coordinates the curriculum and Family Medicine clerkships within the College of Human Medicine. Steven Roskos, MD, is associate chair for Academic Affairs. The Department conducts an eight-week Family Medicine Clerkship which addresses the clinical content of family medicine. In interviews with fourth-year students requesting a letter of recommendation to a Family Medicine residency, the chair of the department has encountered many students who say they made their career choice as a result of their experiences in this clerkship. Experiences are also available in outpatient and inpatient electives, geriatric care, research, rural practice, sports medicine, palliative care/end of life, and a family medicine sub-internship.


The Clinical Division


The Clinical Division oversees the provision of health care through the department's Family Health Center. The associate chair for Clinical Affairs is David Walsworth, MD. Some of our physicians have advanced training in geriatrics, sports medicine, advanced OB care, adolescent medicine, counseling, hospice care, and a variety of office procedures. Clinicians with these advanced skills in our offices assure that you, the patient, have expertise readily available in our offices for a wide variety of your needs. This allows for continuity of care and convenience to patients within our office settings.


The Research Division


The Research Division coordinates grants and projects for the department, sponsors Family Medicine Research Day each spring, and provides mentoring for junior faculty. Judy Arnetz, PhD, MPH, PT is associate chair for Research. Several research-based initiatives are also connected to the Department of Family Medicine.


Geriatrics and Gerontology Division


Established with a vision to be a leader in gerontology and geriatrics training and education, this multidisciplinary division provides support for education, scholarship and clinical service across Michigan. This division collaborates across multiple disciplines, (family medicine, internal medicine, nursing, social work, and nutrition, two colleges, College of Human Medicine and College of Osteopathic Medicine. This division also enhances the education of fellows seeking certification with advanced qualification. Kevin Foley, MD, FACP, is associate chair for Senior Health.


Preventive Medicine and Public Health Program


The Preventive Medicine and Public Health Program undertake efforts designed to createcreates new linkages among local health department medical directors, Michigan State University, and the Michigan Department of Community Health to improve the delivery of public health services. The program works collaboratively with other public health and preventive medicine programs in Michigan, including those at the University of Michigan and Wayne State University, to complement their current efforts and support medical direction for local public health departments. The program also works closely with MSU community teaching sites and other MSU community resources to identify opportunities for program and research collaboration that will strengthen medical direction in Michigan’s communities.


Primary Care Research & Evaluation Program


The Primary Care Research and Evaluation Program is located jointly in the Department of Family Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics and Human Development. The program includes an expansive portfolio of research and outreach in family medicine and pediatrics, particularly on measurement of the core attributes of a patient- and family-centered medical home and primary care practice transformation. Rebecca Malouin, PhD, MPH, assistant professor, is the director.