Preventive Medicine & Public Health

The Preventive Medicine and Public Health Program (PMPHD) was established by the Department in 2008 to create new linkages among local public health department medical directors, MSU, and the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) in order to improve the delivery of public health services. The PMPHD also works with MSU community campuses and the Family Medicine Residency Network to create educational experiences in public health and community medicine for medical students and residents that will bridge the gap between public health and clinical medicine.


From our 2014 Annual Report

The focus for the program in 2014 continued to be working with the Department Family Medicine Residency Network (FMRN) to develop a Community Medicine curriculum. The curriculum has been developed using MSU’s online platform to make them easily accessible to all residency programs. Topics covered by modules developed during 2014 include epidemiology, health policy and primary care, and emergency preparedness for primary care physicians. Residency faculty and public health practitioners continue to collaborate to refine the educational materials developed to date and to identify new topics to address.

The program continued to provide staff support to the Michigan Association of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Physicians (MAPPP), which includes local health department medical directors, preventive medicine residents, and other physicians working with public health and preventive medicine settings. The program is involved in coordinating the MAPPP monthly conference calls and two in-person meetings each year. MAPPP members use their meetings to discuss issues of importance in the public health community. In 2014, this included implementation of Michigan’s Epi-Pen legislation, managing concerns about ebola in Michigan communities, and strengthening Michigan’s vaccination waiver policy.

The PMPHD is represented within numerous public health collaborations, including the Michigan Arthritis Collaborative Partnership, Michigan Climate Change and Health Project, Michigan Asthma Advisory Committee, and the Michigan Public Health Week Partnership. The PMPHD is also involved in the Planning Committee for Michigan’s annual Premier Public Health Conference. The program also collaborated with MSU’s Institute for Health Policy to develop and assist with research projects relevant to both public health and primary care practitioners.