Academic Programs


Physical examThe Academic Affairs Division coordinates the curriculum and the family medicine clerkships within the College of Human Medicine. The Department of Family Medicine has one of the highest teaching commitments of any clinical department in the College of Human Medicine. It exercises leadership in key courses including those focusing on humanities and medicine, clinical skills, and musculoskeletal medicine.

Students completing courses offered by the Department of Family Medicine report high levels of satisfaction with the clerkships, courses in humanities and medicine, clinical skills, and patient interviewing.

One indicator of success is the large percentage of graduating medical students choosing family medicine residency programs. Over the past five years, an average of more than 30 percent of College of Human Medicine's graduating classes chose family medicine residencies.

The department conducts an eight-week Family Medicine Clerkship which addresses the clinical content of family medicine. In interviews with fourth-year students requesting a letter of recommendation to a Family Medicine residency, the chair of the department has encountered many students who say they made their career choice as a result of their experiences in this clerkship. Experiences are also available in outpatient and inpatient electives, geriatric care, research, rural practice, sports medicine, palliative care/end of life, and a family medicine sub-internship.

Steve Roskos, MD, is associate chair for Academic Affairs. Joy Hull is administrative assistant.

Clerkship coordinators and staff are:

  • Lead Clerkship Director: Harland Holman, MD; Department Clerkship Administrator, Joy Hull  
  • Lansing: FMC director, Hend Azhary, MD; Community Clerkship Assistant, Karla Cody
  • Flint: FMC director, Guozhen Liu, M.D.; Assistant Clerkship Director: Ilsa Ittner, M.D.; Community Clerkship Assistant, Nancy Rossi
  • Grand Rapids: FMC director, Steve DeLapp, MD; Assistant  Clerkship Director: Brian Decker, M.D.; Community Clerkship Assistant, Deb Cleland, RN
  • Midland: FMC Director, Paul Berg, MD; Community Clerkship Assistant, Katrina Krueger
  • Traverse City: FMC director, Lynn Swan, MD; Community Clerkship Assistant, Kendry Harkert
  • Upper Peninsula: FMC director, Ryan Brang, M.D., Community Clerkship Assistant, Connie Piasecki