As the College of Human Medicine has expanded its community base, especially in Grand Rapids, the MSU Department of Family Medicine realized that recognition of the entire non-prefixed faculty and the structure of the department across campuses would be crucial to its departmental mission.

With this expanded base, Family Medicine remains a unified, active, and visible department under a single chairperson. This departmental structure includes voting privileges to all non-prefixed faculty, regardless of the location of those faculty, and an associate chairperson position for Grand Rapids. The department's structure can be found in the departmental bylaws.

Departmental leadership is provided by:

  • Department Chair: Bengt Arnetz, MD, PhD
  • Vice Chair: John vanSchagen, MD
  • Associate Chair for Academic Affairs: Steve Roskos, MD
  • Associate Chair for Research: Judy Arnetz, PhD
  • Associate Chair for Graduate Programs: James Olson, MD
  • Associate Chair for Clinical Affairs and Family Health Center Medical Director: David Walsworth, MD
  • Associate Chair for Senior Health: Kevin Foley, MD
  • Department Administrator: Renee, Bockes, BA, CHRS