Alumni and Friends

Dear Alumni,

Secchia Center, Grand Rapids campusDid you know that 700 graduates of MSU’s College of Human Medicine have chosen a career in Family Medicine? Regardless of whether you graduated in 1977 or 2007, each of you has shared a unique medical education in a school that truly values primary care and community based education. The CHM experience has molded physicians who have vitally contributed to the health of their own communities.

We want to nurture and strengthen our own connections as family physicians who shared the CHM experience, and we want to share some of the exciting work that is now taking place within the Department of Family Medicine and around the state in our nine Network residency programs.

The reality is that we have lost touch with many of you. We would like to share news with you through an occasional e-newsletter, and be able to drop you a line on occasion. We also would like to hear news about yourself that you would like to share with others.

Could you take just a few minutes to share your contact information by signing up for our e-list through the link to your right?

We look forward to hearing from you,

Bengt Arnetz, MD, PHD
Chair, MSU Department of Family Medicine