FM 610 Advanced Family Medicine Elective Outpatient Clerkship

FM 610 Family Medicine Elective – Outpatient 

The Family Medicine elective clerkship trains the student in the broad range of patient problems cared for in Family Medicine, with particular emphasis on patient interviewing, clinical procedures, diagnosis, and the use of community resources. The clerkship often helps students to clarify their career goals concerning Family Medicine.

The Family Medicine elective clerkship may be taken as a four or an eight week block experience.


Completion of FM 608, Family Medicine Clerkship and approval of the Associate Chair for Academic Affairs in the Department of Family Medicine. It is recommended that students complete most or all of their required clerkships before taking this elective.

Intended Audience 

Fourth year students in the College of Human Medicine.

Instructional Methods 

Under the supervision of the precepting physician, the student participates in the care of patients in office and hospital settings.

Methods of Evaluation 

Pass/Fail. The precepting physician to whom the student was assigned completes the standard Clinical Performance Evaluation form. A summary of the student's performance is sent to the student in a form of a letter written by the Associate Chair for Academic Affairs in the Department of Family Medicine. A copy of the letter is sent to the community administrator and to the student's file.


The student is expected to attend clinical sessions and educational activities as scheduled by the precepting physician.

When Offered 

Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, depending on the availability of faculty at the instructional site.


Community campuses of the College of Human Medicine, as well as a variety of arranged experiences throughout the U.S. The sites in the same community campus to which the student is assigned have pre-approval. All other sites must be approved by the Associate Chair for Academic Affairs  in the Department of Family Medicine at MSU on the Inter-Community/Off Campus Clerkship Request Form.


Physician preceptors are arranged at the instructional sites.


Six credits are awarded for the completion of the course as a four week elective, and twelve credits for the eight week option.