FM 611 Family Medicine Geriatric Elective


FM 611 Advanced Family Medicine Geriatric Elective

 Length: 4 week and 8 week rotations are available

Sites: All sites prior approval required if outside assigned community

Learning objectives (4 week rotation): 

  • To understand and participate in the interdisciplinary team evaluation of the geriatric patient with multiple complex biopsychosocial problems
  • To gain experience in the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of congestive heart failure, osteoporosis, and diabetes mellitus in a variety of long term care settings
  • To gain experience in the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of dementia and geriatric depression
  • To understand the process of advance care directives and to assess how the current health care systems respond to such directives

Additional learning objectives for the 8 week rotation: 

  • To develop an approach to the evaluation of falls, unintended weight loss, and insomnia in the elderly
  • To gain experience in the interdisciplinary evaluation of urinary incontinence
  • To gain knowledge of regulatory issues related to long term care in various settings and its impact on clinical practice
  • To gain additional experience in geropharmacology
  • To develop and present an in service to the nursing staff at Dimondale on a topic to be determined through the continuous quality improvement process at the facility.

Methods of Evaluation: Pass/Fail

  • The precepting physician to whom the student was assigned completes the standard Clinical Performance Evaluation.
  • A summary of the student’s performance is sent to the student in a form of a letter written by the Associate Chair for Academic Affairs in the Department of Family Medicine.
  • A copy of the letter is sent to the community administrator and to the student’s file.

Method of Instruction: 

  • One-On-one precepting at the sites noted above
  • Teaching rounds at nursing home
  • Didactic sessions with geriatrician
  • Selected reading
  • Regularly scheduled case conferences and seminars