FM 617 Family Medicine Elective Sports Medicine Clerkship

FM 617 Family Medicine Elective – Sports Medicine Elective

This clerkship is designed to complement the beginning didactic courses in sports medicine, entitled, “Introduction to Sports Medicine.” The introductory course is taught to beginning medical students or graduate level students and is meant as an introduction to the multiple concepts of sports medicine. The Sports Medicine Clerkship is meant to be the clinical follow-up to the initial introductory courses. This introductory course is taught in the College of Osteopathic Medicine the first and second year of medical school.

Keeping in mind the same curricular content outlined for the introductory sports medicine courses, the Sports Medicine Clerkship is meant to be the clinical outgrowth of the concepts and precepts taught in these courses. The experience will concentrate on the primary care aspects of sports medicine, involving contact with an estimated two to three hundred acute and chronic sports injuries.

The medical student will have an opportunity of dealing with acute injuries first-hand and will gain experience in training of the athlete, emergency care and transportation of the athlete, and finally definitive diagnostic procedures to be used. The experience will involve not only office care of the athlete, but may also include coverage of various sporting events on college campus and local high schools, community programs, as well as informal teaching sessions with the athletic trainer, physical therapist, and consultants in sports medicine. It will be expected, at least several times during the course of the student’s experience, that he/she will travel through the “educational pathway” with an acute injury evaluation and then follow-up care. It is expected that the student will gain knowledge not only in the clinical aspects of sports medicine, but also the philosophy of sports medical care and the basic science of sports medicine in the area of preventive sports medicine.


Completion of the Family Medicine Clerkship, FM 608.

Intended Audience 

Fourth year students in the College of Human Medicine. 


Upon completion of the elective, the student should:

  • Be familiar with the examination of major joints in sports related injuries
  • Be familiar with the approach to the management of the most common sports related injuries
  • Gain exposure to the role/use of physical therapy in the management of sports related injuries
  • Be familiar with prevention of athletic injuries
  • Be aware of medical issues related to mass participation of sports

Students have the opportunity to see patients in the outpatient setting as well as accompany attendings and fellows during training room visits. Students will be expected to attend sporting events and write-up appropriate cases with the assistance of the attending.

When Offered 

  • Summer, Fall and Spring Semesters, depending on the availability of faculty at the instructional site.

Method of Evaluation 

  • Pass/Fail. The precepting physicians to whom the student was assigned completes the standard Clinical Performance Evaluation form.
  • A summary of the student’s performance is sent to the student in a form of a letter written by the Associate Chair for Academic Affairs in the Department of Family Medicine, MSU. A copy of the letter is sent to the precepting physician, and to the student’s file.


  • Six credits are awarded for the completion of this four week elective.