FM 618 Palliative Care/End of Life in Family Medicine Clerkship

FM 618 Family Medicine Elective
Palliative Care/End of Life


The Palliative Care/End of Life elective teaches the student the basic knowledge and skills necessary to manage patients and families faced with end of life illnesses.

The Palliative Care/End of Life elective clerkship may be taken as a four or an eight week block experience.


Completion of all required third year  clerkships. Medical student must be in good standing with educational program.

Intended Audience 

Fourth year medical students in the College of Human Medicine.  

Educational Aims 

The goal of the Family Medicine Palliative Care/End of Life elective is to have the student demonstrate the following skills:

1.     Care at end of life.

2.     Integrating the continuum of palliative medicine.

3.     Measuring quality at end of life.

4.     Planning for death and dying.

5.     Essentials of pain management.

6.     Non-pain symptom management.

7.     Ethical issues in death and dying.

Method of Evaluation


  • Pass/Fail. The precepting physicians to whom the student was assigned completes the standard Clinical Performance Evaluation form.
  • A summary of the student’s performance is sent to the student in a form of a letter written by the Associate Chair for Academic Affairs in the Department of Family Medicine, MSU. A copy of the letter is sent to the community administrator and to the student’s file.


  • 4-8 weeks

When Offered 

  • Summer, Fall,  and Spring semesters as preceptors are available