Giving Opportunities

Please consider us in your giving. Your gift plays a vital role in enhancing and maintaining the high quality of education offered to the next generation of primary care physicians through the MSU Department of Family Medicine.





To make a donation online, click on the "to contribute" button for your preferred fund. This will take you to the MSU giving web page for your fund. Look in the upper right corner of the page, where you will see the name of the fund and a field where you can enter the amount of your donation. You will then have an opportunity to provide your contact and credit card information.



Fr. John P. Foglio Endowed Fund


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the Department of Family Medicine (in collaboration with the College of Human Medicine and the Center for Ethics and Humanities) seeks to build an endowment fund to support continued, expanded activities in spirituality and health in the tradition of Fr. Foglio’s groundbreaking work in spirituality and medicine. Contributions to the fund will:

  • Endow the Foglio Spirituality and Medicine Lecture offered each year to CHM students, to assure that we can attract the highest quality speakers of national stature;
  • Expand the scope and reach of education about spirituality and health, to include all four years of education in CHM; all community campus sites in the CHM network; residency-level education; education in the College of Osteopathic Medicine; education in nursing and other health professions schools and programs; and further community outreach.



Support Our Student Scholars!


As family medicine educators, we nurture and guide the intellectual curiosity of our medical students in the MSU College of Human Medicine. We stand beside them as they hone their research questions, collect data, and analyze results. Now it is time to support them as they take their next vital step; sharing their findings with the wider community.

Although there are national venues for student research presentations, the financial barrier can be insurmountable. Airline tickets, registration, food, and lodging easily reach $2,000 for student participation in a national conference.

A generous gift has been offered by Terrie and Henry Barry, MD; and they have issued a challenge to MSU Family Medicine friends and colleagues throughout our community campuses. Over a five-year period the Barrys will make a lead donation each year that will be more than adequate to send one of our students to a national conference.

And . . . they challenge their colleagues to join in developing the Department of Family Medicine Fund for Student Scholars, a vibrant, renewable fund that can provide such awards for other interested students. For each $1,000 donated by you, their colleagues in family medicine, the Barrys will contribute an additional $100 to the fund (to a total of 25 donors). The target is $30,000 in funding annually for direct support for students interested in family medicine.

[download information flyer and donation form in pdf format]

or contact Bethany Ford at 517-884-0454



Department of Family Medicine Fund
(a.k.a. Family Practice Fund)


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This expendable fund is used at the discretion of the Chair to fund department-related activities. This giving opportunity provides flexibility in helping us meet the needs of the department.



Blake W.H. Smith, PhD, Endowed Memorial Fund


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In 1975, the MSU Department of Family Practice consisted of just two people — Roy Gerard, MD, its founding chair, and Suzy Barber, the executive secretary. Then Dr. Gerard hired the department’s second employee — a graduate assistant named Blake W.H. Smith.

Blake Smith was to devote his next 24 years to ensuring that the family medicine faculty and staff developed the academic skill base necessary to become one of the pre-eminent family medicine departments in the country. Over time, he earned a doctorate in administration and higher education and moved into the positions of clerkship coordinator, associate chair for Academic Affairs, and senior academic specialist.

Smith's wide-ranging interests included provision of health care in underserved areas, primary care in developing nations, development of strong clerkships in family medicine and in community medicine, and development of a strong research component in the department's academic activity.

His premature death in August 1998 grieved his colleagues, yet his legacy included development of a family medicine faculty well grounded in the rigors of academic life and with a social vision that extends beyond the walls of the university.

In memory of Dr. Smith, and to ensure that the goals that were close to his heart can continue to be achieved, a special fund in the name of Blake W.H. Smith, PhD, has been established. Contributions will support excellence in family medicine education, with a special emphasis on maintaining the strength of the clerkship programs and on providing a variety of educational experiences, including rural and international clinical experiences.



David O. Hough, MD, Endowed Award for Excellence


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The David O. Hough, MD, Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Family Medicine provides an additional mechanism through which donors can support the development of excellence in family medicine education.

The Hough Scholarship was established to encourage others to emulate the accomplishments of David Hough, who died in 1996 at the age of 50. In 1976, Hough and Douglas McKeag, MD, initiated the MSU Sports Medicine Program. His pioneering application of the principles of family medicine to the field of sports medicine was nationally recognized for its creativity and innovation. He became director of the program, a responsibility he held at the time of his death.

The scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating MSU College of Human Medicine senior who has been chosen as the outstanding fourth-year student planning to enter a family medicine residency program upon graduation. The student receiving this highly competitive award must demonstrate the healing spirit that was so much a part of Dr. Hough. This includes clinical competence, a great and demonstrated sensitivity to the psychosocial aspects of the patient/physician interaction, care and concern for others through professional and/or volunteer experiences, and a commitment to family.



Roy Gerard, MD, Faculty Enrichment Fund
(a.k.a. Roy Gerard, MD, Endowed Lectureship in Family Practice)


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Established to honor Roy Gerard, MD, the founding chair of the Department of Family Practice, this fund supports visits to Michigan State University by distinguished researchers, teachers, and clinicians in the area of family medicine. It also provides support to faculty for professional development through advanced educational programs.



To make a contribution


To make a tax-deductible contribution to any of these funds, use the web links above or send the donation to the MSU College of Human Medicine, c/o University Development, 4700 S. Hagadorn Rd., Suite 220, East Lansing, MI 48823-5399. Checks should be made payable to Michigan State University. A notation indicating your choice of funds should be indicated on the check memo.

If you would like more information about any of these giving opportunities, or about the Department's vision for the coming decade, please contact Mary Noel, PhD, RD.