2015/07- The effects of air pollution on asthma in vulnerable subpopulations of Arab American - B Arnetz, et al

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URC: Michigan’s University Research Corridor
B. Arnetz
J.R. Harkema
H.J. Krouse
M. Morishita
J.T. Dvonch
T.C. Lewis
J.G. Wagner
Grant Description: 
The purpose of this study is to look at the relationship between self-reported asthma and characteristics and sources of air-borne particles in vulnerable and asthma-prone school children and older adults of Arabic descent in a highly polluted area of metro-Detroit during the low and high asthma seasons. In addition, young and old “asthma-prone” mice will be exposed to air samples to assess pathophysiological mechanisms related to pollutant’s particle size and source. This URC-funded project involves researchers from all three of Michigan’s research universities.
Saturday, July 11, 2015