Geriatric Research on Workforce Initiative

The Mission of G.R.O.W. is to transform the workforce that provides healthcare and long-term supports and services to older adults by serving as a national resource for geriatric workforce data, conducting world-class research, and building entrepreneurial relationships with the business community.

Specific Aims of G.R.O.W.:

  • Establish a longitudinal national database on the geriatric workforce and make such data available to a wide-range of end-users including policymakers, healthcare providers, academic researchers, professional societies, the public and media.
  • Conduct world-class research focused on key workforce issues.  Research, develop and test new training curriculum, methods and employment and business models that develop the geriatric workforce.
  • Build entrepreneurial relationships with business and community partners to develop innovative workforce solutions.
  • Provide geriatric workforce scholars and leaders a home-base with a cohesive identity, a network of partners across arenas, and support for new initiatives.