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People: Samantha Ely, Natoshia Cunningham

by Natoshia Cunningham, PhD

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way pediatricians deliver care.  Pediatricians are increasingly faced with the challenge of delivering care, including mental health care, remotely. We performed a narrative review of the use of telehealth for mental health care for pediatric populations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Areas of focus included 1) pediatric primary care settings, 2) special pediatric populations, 3) access and engagement in telehealth care, and 4) training opportunities available for mental health providers. Themes that emerged included the importance of meeting patients’ needs to optimize success in using telehealth tools and challenges around provider access to support tools for use during telehealth. Evidence-based tools are provided with a goal of improving remote delivery of mental health care by pediatricians. Read More.