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Evelyne Cudel, PhD, is the Department of Family Medicine’s newest adjunct faculty. Dr. Cudel will strengthen the department’s focus on community based culinary excellence to enhance health. She holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from University of California Riverside. As a transdisciplinary scholar, she has been teaching courses in anthropology, philosophy of nature, human geography, art and science.

Dr. Cudel is looking forward to meeting students and faculty interested in collaborating on outreach projects and programs on the social aspect of diabetes type II, her area of research for over 30 years.

Dr. Cudel is currently working with a Lansing, MI community to construct a permanent ethnobotanical exhibit of plants and herbs that are used in the Mediterranean diet. As an outreach transdisciplinary project, the garden is designed to be a foundation to the ongoing development of educational community activities, focusing on healthy diet and lifestyle.

These programs serve as a practical approach to bringing science to the public.

Dr. Cudel can be contact at cudel@msu.edu.


Please join me in welcoming Dr. Cudel!


Bengt B. Arnetz, MD, PhD, MScEpi, MPH

Professor, Family and Preventive Medicine

Chair, Department of Family Medicine

College of Human Medicine