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People: Raza Haque, Mark Ensberg, Nadir Abdelrahman

Two area senior care facilities have new medical directors, thanks to the Department of Family Medicine’s Division of Geriatrics.

Dr. Mark Ensberg has become the medical director at the Holt Senior Care & Rehab Center. Dr. Nadir Abdelrahman has taken the same role at Burcham Hills.

These two directors, along with Dr. Raza Haque, director of the Division of Geriatrics and director of Dimondale Nursing Home, comprise the faculty of the Division of Geriatrics for the Department of Family medicine.

“The role of Medical Director at the Holt Senior Care & Rehab Center is a very gratifying experience.” says Ensberg. “It is very gratifying to be a part of the care for each person who chooses to spend a part of their life at the Holt Senior Care & Rehab Center.”

Dr. Ensberg notes that senior care at his facility is not limited to one kind of patient. “We provide care for 3 different kinds of patients at the Holt Center:  1. Patients recently discharged from the hospital may not be strong enough to return directly home.  Physical therapy, occupational therapy, nurses, nurse assistants, and Social Workers all work together at Holt to help patients regain the skills and have the support needed to live optimally in their home.  2.  Long term care is provided for older persons with advanced dementia. The nurses, nurse assistants, recreational therapists, and Social Workers all work together to keep each person as happy and as active as possible in their new home.  3.  For those persons who are approaching the end of their life, palliative care can help keep our focus on what really matters.  Hospice can help assure that individuals are special and comfortable at the end of life.”

Dr. Abdelrahman also feels that his job as director helps residents have a better experience.

“I serve as a medical director to assist our facility by reviewing and evaluating different aspects of the clinical care that is provided in order to meet the highest standard. Also, I do enjoy my job as I feel that I am helping the facility identify, evaluate and address health care issues related to the quality of care and quality of life of both short-term and long-term residents.”