Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

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People: Fred Reyelts, Judy Arnetz, John vanSchagen, Bengt Arnetz

Dr. Bengt Arnetz and his research team in collaboration with Dr. Fred Reyelts, Director of Innovative Primary Care, Mercy Health, Grand Rapids, – a subsidiary of Trinity Health with 30 million patient members nation-wide, carried out an innovative study to determine the effects of revamping workflow, enhancing all provider and staff skills utilization and enhance clinic efficiency.

The study found that the innovative rework within the clinic, without adding additional human or financial resources, improved efficiency, including being able to attend to 50% more patients, increasing revenue 35% at the same time as the experience of patients and provider and staff team improved. Moreover, overtime work and so called pajamas work (completing medical records at home in the evening) were eliminated. Finally, quality data suggests overall improvement and time to attend to things  that were rarely addressed before.

The study provide a promising means to address the quadruple aim for healthcare. That is reducing cost, enhancing quality and patient and provider experience. Rather than addressing stress and burnout, often the focus of today’s often ineffective interventions, address system opportunities including workflow and making sure provider and staff are allowed to use their skills to the fullest. Modern neuroscience support the brain health benefits of having a stimulating job as well. Read More.