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The Department of Family Medicine has given out Community Faculty Awards to congratulate and honor dedicated family physicians and their offices across the great State of Michigan. The Southeast Michigan community gave the award to Basil Abdo, MD.

Dr. Abdo was nominated by Haseeb Khan and Michael Lim, both 4th year medical students:

I would like to nominate Dr. Basil Abdo from Arbor Lanes Medical Center for the community preceptor award. Dr. Abdo is a very kind and welcoming preceptor that allowed me to see many of his patients on my own. From day 1, he made me feel comfortable and allowed me to be as involved as I wanted when it came to managing his patients. I was able to come up with treatment plans for his patients and reviewed them with him. He was very engaging and always provided me with feedback. He also gave me lots of advice about being a physician and managing your own medical practice. He has a wonderful work environment and his office staff was a pleasure to work with.” – Haseeb Khan

Dr. Val Overholt, DO, Director of Student Programs and Angie Collier, Community Clerkship Assistant, present Dr. Abdo with the Preceptor of the Year award.

I am writing to nominate Dr. Basil Abdo for the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Southeast Michigan Community Preceptor Award.

I had the great pleasure and fortune of working under Dr. Abdo’s guidance in my Family Medicine clerkship during my third year of medical school.  Dr. Abdo is a wonderful teacher who provides an ideal mix of autonomy and direction to students—he allows students to interview and examine patients but always ensures that the student and patient experiences are at the highest possible level, so that both education and patient care are perfectly balanced.

In addition to possessing the requisite knowledge and experience to be an outstanding clinician and teacher, Dr. Abdo genuinely cares about helping people. He shows sincere compassion and concern for his patients, and he takes extra time to ensure that students in his office are learning as much as possible.  He is unfailingly generous with his time and advice with everyone.

Dr. Abdo conducts himself at the highest level of professionalism and treats everyone in his practice with respect and kindness—patients, staff, and students alike. Like all excellent teachers, Dr. Abdo pushes students to achieve at a higher level by the end of the clerkship than where we started, and he does this with positive reinforcement: by showing us what he feels are the best ways to do things.  Similarly, he encourages his patients to achieve the best possible health outcomes by giving them clear direction and encouragement while ensuring that important decisions are truly shared decisions between physician and patient.

Dr. Basil Abdo received the 2018 Community Volunteer Faculty Award from the MSU College of Human Medicine.

He sets a fine example as a physician and as a human being.  The best proof of this is the tremendous affection that his patients feel for him, and the universal respect that he has earned from students who have undertaken clerkships in his practice.

In summary, I strongly recommend Dr. Abdo for this award in recognition of the exceptional commitment that he has made and delivered upon to provide CHM students with a rewarding and memorable learning experience.” – Michael Lim