Great Lakes Research into Practice Network (GRIN)

Great Lakes Research into Practice Network logoThe Great Lakes Research into Practice Network (GRIN) is a primary care practice-based research network (PBRN)—a group of ambulatory practices devoted principally to the primary care of patients, and affiliated in their mission to investigate questions related to community-based practice and to improve the quality of primary care. The Michigan State University Department of Family Medicine and the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine have joined with primary care physicians across the state of Michigan to sponsor the network.

GRIN is dedicated to continued growth and development of the field of primary care medicine and recognizes that research must focus on the questions being encountered by primary care clinicians in their practices. GRIN research addresses a wide range of issues related to primary care practice and policy, including: 

  • Quality, costs, and outcomes of primary care
  • Patient-provider communication
  • Generalist-specialist issues
  • Workforce issues
  • Access to care, including disparities in care.

GRIN connects practices with interesting projects, for example, how to:

  • Help patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases to exercise, lose weight, and improve other health habits.
  • Help kids who are overweight or obese.
  • Deal best with all the practice guidelines and performance measures.
  • Use clinical reminder systems to accomplish your QI goals.


GRIN also links practicing clinicians with investigators experienced in clinical and health services research. GRIN has co-directors and program coordinators are located in the Departments of Family Medicine at University of Michigan and Michigan State University as well as employing regional network specialists located in West, Southeast and Central and Northern Michigan.

Learn more about GRIN at the program's website.


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