Family Medicine Residency Program Network


Family Medicine Residency Programs 

The Family Medicine Residency Program Network is a collaborative effort of family medicine residency programs. The goal of the Family Medicine Residency Network is to serve the faculty, staff, and residents of the Network programs — bringing them together for activities and collaborative efforts of mutual benefit, as well as serving the individual programs. The Network strives to foster collaboration in projects and research, and resource exchanges between programs. The goal of the Network is to work together toward excellence in residency education for all of our programs.

Network Activities

The Senior Resident Leadership Training is held annually in May at the Kettunen Retreat Center in Tustin, Michigan. The focus of this training is on developing leadership skills (particularly interpersonal and administrative skills) among “to-be” senior residents (particularly chief residents). The training also encourages future communication and collaboration among residents in the Network.

Residency Program Director’s Meetings are held four times during the academic year to discuss Network activities and facilitate sharing across programs.

The National Family Medicine Board Review Course is a collaboration of the Center for Medical Education, Inc. and Dowden Health Media, along with the MSU Department of Family Medicine. Compact discs of all the slide presentations and an audio version of the course have been delivered to each participating residency program.

FMR-NET is a listserv for the faculty of the network, allowing communication with many faculty by sending one message. Updates and resources relating to family medicine and graduate medical education are sent as needed. 

For further information, contact Network Director Marolee Neuberger or 517-884-0439.

2016 Family Medicine Residency Network Annual Retreat

Optimizing the health of populations has emerged as a core focus in the era of healthcare deliver redesign. Population health has become a core element of the "triple aim" concept of accountable care, with the goal of improving care for individuals and health populations, while reducing cost. Family Medicine Residency programs need to incorporate a population health approach into their training. This retreat is designed to address the skills faculty and residents will need for population health improvement and how to integrate them into their program. It will provide a framework to develop, implement and assess competencies in population health that are embedded within the AGCME Milestones. 

2016 Residency Network Retreat photos