Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

We all know that the United States population is aging rapidly—and there is no doubt that the often-complex medical concerns of the elderly are best managed by a physician who has the skills, experience, and compassion to take on this challenge.

About Our Geriatric Fellowships

With its statewide community campus system and over twenty years of experience as a leader in geriatric education, Michigan State University has begun development of a network of geriatric fellowship training programs.

The one-year training program is designed to enhance physicians’ knowledge and understanding of the principles of excellent geriatric care delivered to patients at all levels of health and across a continuum of care settings. The curriculum includes:

  • Extensive training in the care of the geriatric patient from the healthy to the frail
  • Extensive training in the variety of venues in which the geriatric patient receives medical care – ambulatory sites, the home, the nursing facility, the hospital – with special attention placed on maintaining the functional health of the patient
  • Special knowledge and skills to become educators of other health professionals in geriatric care
  • Administrative skills required to manage geriatric programs in the community, assisted
  • Living, and long-term care environments
  • Experience in writing grants, and performing research with abstracts, papers and presentations at scientific meetings.

Geriatric fellowships are offered through the Trinity Family Medicine Residency and encourage applicants.