Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

In 2010 the Department of Family Medicine created a program, called, The Integrated Medical School and Family Medicine Residency (TIP) Program, that would help introduce 4th year medical students from the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine to MSU affiliated Family Medicine residencies around the state.

This program would go on to benefit nearly 50 students during its first ten years. We asked some of the TIP alumni to talk about their experiences.

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Lindy Sergeant, MD, TIP 2010 Alum

Farhan Bhatti, MD, TIP 2011 Alum

Abbi Urish, MD, TIP 2011 Alum

Tiffany Burns, MD, TIP 2012 Alum

Jan Liu, MD, TIP 2014 Alum

Veronica Arbuckle-Bernstein , MD, TIP 2015 Alum

Tarajo Reinhart, MD, TIP 2016 Alum



Chelsea Pote, MD, TIP 2019 Alum





























The Department of Family Medicine would like to thank all of the TIP Alumni that helped us recognize this anniversary and a special thank you to all of the residencies that take part in this program.