Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

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People: Alaina Miller, Samantha Ely, Natoshia Cunningham

Functional abdominal pain disorders (FAPD) are common pain conditions in youth that are associated with anxiety and can impact daily functioning. The Aim to Decrease Anxiety and Pain Treatment (ADAPT) is an effective psychological treatment approach for youth with FAPD, which uses a blend of in-person sessions and interventionist phone support with self-paced web modules to manage pain and anxiety.

The current study investigated child engagement during the ADAPT program. In-person/phone session attendance was high although scheduling adjustments were common. Varied levels of child engagement with web tools were observed. While youth indicated they generally understood how to use certain skills (e.g., problem solving, detective thinking), and these skills were effective in managing symptoms during treatment, these activities were generally underutilized. Further, child engagement did not predict response to the ADAPT intervention. These findings are important as the demand for accessible psychotherapeutic tools to manage pain and anxiety is likely to remain high. Read more.