Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

Network: Ascension Genesys Family Medicine Residency

Dr. Nyman is a faculty member of both the Behavioral Science Department and the Family Medicine Department at Genesys. His time is split between working with the fully accredited Clinical Health Psychology postdoctoral fellowship program and also working with Family Medicine residents, who come on block rotation once per year to participate in the AD/HD screening clinic, Lifestyle Change Clinic, and observe some of the psychotherapy cases. Dr. Nyman, as well as our Family Health Center-based postdoctoral Psychology Fellow, also conducts psychotherapy on-site for patients referred by the Family Medicine faculty and residents. Dr. Nyman’s professional and research interests involve integrating psychology services into medical settings and focusing on primary care prevention and wellness practices. He has had recent opportunities to speak and publish on these topics, and enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with psychology and medical colleagues on research projects.

Dr. Nyman is a fully licensed psychologist in the State of Michigan, having earned his PhD in counseling psychology at Purdue University in 2004, interning at the Utah State University Counseling and Student Health Centers in Logan, UT, and then returning to his home state of Michigan to complete a two-year specialty fellowship in Clinical Health Psychology with Genesys/MSU. Prior to his current position as associate director of Behavioral Science for Family Medicine, Dr. Nyman worked for four years at the Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute here in Flint, Michigan, as their staff psychologist. Dr. Nyman an assistant professor in the departments of Family Medicine and Psychiatry, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.