Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

Our internationally recognized research promotes the health and vitality of patients, their communities, and the healthcare providers that support them.

The mission of all research conducted in the MSU Department of Family medicine is to improve the reliability of healthcare services at the system, patient, and workforce level. Research projects address the patient experience, quality of care, resource utilization, provider safety and well-being, and medical education.


Air Filter Intervention in a Low-income Elderly Residential Building

Exposure to particulate matter (PM) air pollution is an…

Electronic medical records study

Steve Roskos worked together with Jordan White and David…

Reducing Workplace Violence in Hospitals

To develop and evaluate data-driven methods for reducing violence towards hospital workers

Get help reviewing your scholarly work in the Guppy Tank

The Guppy Tank is a group of department faculty…



Developing Research on Scenario-based Training for Police

Department research on enhancing police vitality and performance during…

Evelyne Cudel, PhD, Studies Practical Application of Mediterranean Cooking and Community Wellbeing

Evelyne Cudel, PhD, is the Department of Family Medicine’s…

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