Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

The Department of Family Medicine, working with the Trillium Institute, has created a Division of Palliative Medicine which is lead by Dr. John Mulder. This collaborative venture, through consultation, shared care, and mentoring, will support efforts of our colleagues in family medicine and other specialty areas to provide primary-level palliative care.

Working with Community Assistant Deans of MSU clinical campuses, palliative physicians affiliated with those campuses, and Family Medicine Residency Program Directors,  the division will establish LCE palliative clinical rotations and provide curricular resources for the FM residency programs. Our team of community clinician educators will train the next generation of health care providers through classroom learning, small group experiences, and bedside mentoring, teaching those entering palliative medicine as a dedicated specialty as well as those for whom palliative skills will be a core component of their chosen specialty

The Division of Palliative Medicine’s mission is: We will advance and innovate clinical care, education and research in palliative care as we discover, define, teach, and promote the highest quality of care and quality of life for people with serious illness and their loved ones.


Dr. John Mulder, Director of the Division of Palliative Medicine