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Person: Masako Morishita

Masako and her research are the subject of this Faculty Spotlight.


What brought you to MSU and Family Medicine?

Being promoted to Research Associate Professor at UM was a affirmation of my status as an independent researcher (in my mind anyway).  At that point, I decided to explore new research collaboration opportunities and pursue a tenure-track position.  In the end, I decided to accept a position at MSU because Dr. Bengt Arnetz and several faculty members in the College of Human Medicine explained to me how public health and population health researchers like me could play a role in broadening interdisciplinary collaboration and working closely with health care professionals and communities. I was already well-aware of MSU’s research activities and resources from working closely with distinguished researchers, like Dr. Jack Harkema at MSU for almost twenty years. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this influential department and college.