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People: Richard Sadler, Judy Arnetz

The Department of Family Medicine welcomed Dick Sadler, PhD, as it’s new Associate Chair for Research. Dr. Sadler takes over for Judy Arnetz, Phd, who served as the Associate Chair for many years.

“I’m excited at the opportunity to be the Associate Chair for Research.  Having recently received tenure (in 2021), I’ve been dipping my toes more and more into a mentoring role, and I think I can be of service to our faculty in growing our collective research portfolio.

As an assistant professor, I was always concerned with publishing enough and getting enough grants…I’m still definitely aiming for a high level of productivity, but I’m excited to be able to take a breath, assess where my colleagues are at, and offer advice and insights from my perspective on the ‘other side’ of the tenure wall.

The opportunity also accords with other leadership roles I’ve filled in the past: I used to run a Scout troop, have organized rec/intramural sports clubs, and lead a vacant lawn mowing group here in Flint.  So stepping into a service role in the department feels natural in some ways.”