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Family Medicine Reflections and Looking Forward Toward 2018

Looking out over a wintery Grand Rapids I realize…

Hospitals fight back against violence

In 2017, Judy Arnetz, PhD, and her group published…

Serving Medically Underserved Populations

Georgia Wheeldon, 2016 Blake W.H. Smith Scholarship awardee. I…

Expectations of Tropical Diseases

Rajiv Deochand, MD, 2016 Blake W.H. Smith Scholarship awardee and is a resident in the MidMichigan Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program - Midland.

Physician Stress has Been Associated With Adverse Medical Outcomes

Physician stress is increasingly recognised as an overlooked yet…

Residency Network Receives New Director

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of…

Refugees with PTSD Regulate Stress Differently

New Michigan State University research has found that refugees…

Benefits for Fellows

The goal of the geriatric fellowship is to provide…