Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

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Person: Molly Polverento

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine is pleased to announce the appointment of Molly Polverento, MSEd, CPH, as the incoming director of The Family Medicine Residency Program Network. The Network is a collaborative effort of family medicine residency programs from around Michigan. Mrs. Polverento succeeds Marolee Nueberger, MS, who was the Network’s director for 10 years.

John E. vanSchagen, MD, FAAFP, Associate Professor and Senior Associate Chair for the Department of Family Medicine, believes Mrs. Polverento is up for the challenge. “Molly has served the Family Medicine Residency Network well for several years in a consultant capacity, and has been a catalyst for a number of important academic, research and developmental projects.  We are very excited that she has accepted the position as Network Director, and feel that her experience with Public Health and governmental affairs will be invaluable to the Network’s goals to promote, study and teach Population Health in our affiliated community residency programs.”

Mrs. Polverento has been with the department as an Academic Specialist and Coordinator for the Preventive Medicine & Public Health Program for 9 years. She has also worked directly with the Network for the past 4 years.

Asked about her plans for the Network,  Mrs. Polverento said,“My goal for the Network is to continue to build opportunities for residency faculty to collaborate across programs and with the Department of Family Medicine. I look forward to continuing to work with the residency programs on topics, including leadership development and population health management.”

Dr. vanSchagen agrees with Mrs. Polverento on the direction the Network will be headed,”The Family Medicine Residency Network is well-positioned to act as a sort of practice-based research network for the Department, where Population Health concepts can be explored, tested and applied for the good of learners and the communities.”