Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

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Person: Fiel Cunningham

Fiel Cunningham, MD, is one the newest faculty member in the Department of Family Medicine, and a recent addition to the MSU Health Care Family Medicine.


What brought you to the MSU Department of Family Medicine?

I have worked with several of our MSU FM faculty while in residency at Sparrow and have always enjoyed the collaboration and learning from them. I knew I wanted to be able to do both inpatient and outpatient medicine in a supportive and inclusive environment. Joining MSU CHM Department of Family Medicine (DFM) made the most logical sense. Plus, I get to mentor our future physicians and help them be the best physician that they can be.

What do you enjoy about working at MSU Family Health Center?

Having worked with Sparrow (East Lansing and Mason) in Residency, I knew I wanted to continue helping make our population healthier, as well as help in the education of our future physicians. I am able to do this with MSU Health Care Family Medicine.

It takes a team to be able to care well for patients, and the FM Clinic team is a cohesive team that I love working with. They have been very supportive and responsive to the care of our patients. What patients don’t see in the background of a 40-min patient appointment is a lot of cohesive and collaborative work with the front staff, HCA, nursing triage, social worker, case manager, and office manager. A healthy patient, or a patient getting better, is all because of team effort and a well-supported physician.

What are you looking forward to working in the MSU Department of Family Medicine?

I am looking forward to continued growth as a physician, colleague, educator, and researcher. Joining MSU DFM, I really wasn’t anticipating that I would enjoy the roles of educator and researcher as much as I do now. I look forward to being able to care well for my patients, find my niche in research, and see our medical students and residents succeed in their medical career.