Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Family Medicine

The Integrated Medical School and Family Medicine Residency (TIP) Program is for medical students at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (CHM) who:

  • Currently are in their third year of medical school and are interested in a career in family medicine.
  • Are looking for additional training and experience in leadership, scholarship or community outreach/public health.
  • Have a strong interest in completing residency training at in one of the participating CHM Family Medicine Residency programs.
  • Are looking for an experience that will ease the transition into residency and will allow them to participate in residency experiences as fourth year students.
  • Would benefit from a $20,000 scholarship.

Below are the 2021 TIP Awardees’ Personal Essays.

Sarah Naracon, MS4

Sarah Naracon, MS4, Marriage, Motherhood, and Medicine: Importance of Work-Life Balance

Erin McKenzie, MS4

Erin McKenzie, MS4, Rural Family Medicine Entices TIP Awardee Back to U.P.

Elisabeth Milligan, MS4

Elisabeth Milligan, MS4, Accomplishing Career Goals Through Family Medicine

Paul Edlebeck, MS4

Paul Edlebeck, MS4, TIP Presents Opportunity to Be More Involved in Community

Cassandra LaMarche, MS4

Cassandra LaMarche, MS4, Utilizing TIP to Develop Strong Patient-Physician Connections

Deja Rice, MS4

Deja Rice, MS4, TIP Award to Help Advance Student’s Research

Khyllian Lowry, MS4

Khyllian Lowry, MS4, Family Medicine Fulfills Goal of Treating Communities